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First-Hand Reports

Another Palestinian Shot in Biddu

International Solidarity Movement
Biddu, West Bank, Palestine
April 21, 2004

[Biddu, NW Jerusalem] Five citizens of the West Bank village of Biddu have been killed by the Israeli military over the last month and a half during protests against the Apartheid Wall that the government of Israel is building on their farmland. Despite the use of excessive and lethal force against protesters, the people of Biddu remain committed to resisting the Wall through non-violent protests.

Today 30 residents of Biddu, 10 internationals and 10 Israelis marched to the land for the first time since 23 year old Diya’ Abu Eid was killed as he stood in an olive grove three days ago by an Israeli sniper. Carrying signs saying, “5 Dead: Stop the Killing Now” “Stop Killing Innocents”, and “The World is Watching”, the protesters stopped on a hill overlooking the the construction site, about 400 meters from the bulldozers and Israeli Soldiers and Border Police.

The Israeli military responded by posting snipers, and readying mounted police and jeeps, but they remained 400 meters from the protesters for two hours. Eventually, ten Palestinian youths left the protesters and moved to with 100 meters of the Israeli military. They began throwing rocks that didn’t reach the soldiers. Though the rockthrowing posed no threat to the soldiers, two Palestinian protest organizers went down to talk with the youths and move them back to the larger group. As the organizers were talking with the youths, suddenly, four Israeli soldiers sprinted down the hill towards the young men. As the remaining protesters watched events unfold from the hill 300 meters away, the youths ran from the soldiers. One of the four soldiers then fired a single shot at the youths, striking 23 year old Rabia’ Al Khudour in the back. The bullet travelled through his back and exited his stomach.

The Doctor who treated Rabia’ at the scene confirmed from the entry and exit wounds that he was shot with a live bullet. Before using live ammunition, the Israeli Soldiers and Border Police used none of the standard crowd control techniques – teargas, rubber bullets or even warning shots.

Rabia’ was transported to Mokassed Hospital in Jerusalem where he underwent surgery and fortunately is now in stable condition. His ambulance was followed to the hospital by an Israeli military jeep. His family fears that in addition to being shot, Rabia’ will now be arrested.

The Israeli soldiers and Border Police were never endangered by rock throwing. They gave no warning before opening fire with live mmunition on Rabia and the other youths. The people of Biddu continue to wonder why the Israeli military remains so intent on killing unarmed protesters, and the foreigners and Israelis present were shocked that the soldiers moved immediately to potentially lethal force on an otherwise quiet day.

For more information, please contact:
Shora: +972.67.254.910
ISM Media Office: +972.66.505.237

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