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First-Hand Reports from Israel/Palestine

Mabrook, Ala’a

In mid-July students all over Palestine get the results of the tawjihi, the final examination of their senior year. Celebrations abound for those who pass. Friends and family visit the successful graduates to say “Mabrook!” (Congratulations). Dianne Roe met Ala’a Al Ja’abari, one such graduate, last week and sends him this note of congratulations.

Dianne Roe
Christian Peacemaker Team
Hebron, West Bank, Palestine
July 27, 2004

It was a joy to see your smiling face when you handed me the report of your examination. Mabrook! I know it has not been easy.

I remember your Freshman year in the fall of 2000. You had to make your way past clashes at Bab iZaweyya amidst stone throwing and shooting to get to and from your school. Then the Israeli soldiers declared a curfew and would not let you leave your house. Sometimes you had to stay overnight in another part of town just to go to school.

While you were gone, Israeli settlers vandalized your house and took many things. I remember the day your family moved back to protect your house. Then toward the end of your Sophomore year, Israeli soldiers reentered Hebron and placed the whole city under curfew. Your school was closed, but still you persisted in your studies and awaited school’s reopening.

In your junior year I tried to visit your family but the soldiers prevented me. I stood near the checkpoint, looked up at the broken windows of your neighbor, Um Abdullah, as she begged the soldiers to let her have visitors, but to no avail. I know how difficult those times were for you but you were always smiling.

Curfew was lifted for most of your final year, but you had to pass by Israeli military checkpoints to get to and from school. I know how embarrassed you were last April when the soldiers kicked your legs apart and frisked you. You said to me, “Don’t worry, this is our life. I will be OK. This happens almost every day.” You were returning to your home after a study session for your exams. You smiled at me to appease my worries.

So now, Ala’a, we pray for the future and a time of peace. We at CPT admire your courage. We know you wish to be at peace with everyone and that you will work for that. We know Israeli students who will work for the same thing and we pray for continued success. It has been an honor for us to know you. “Mabrook!” from Dianne and the rest of the team at CPT.

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