In addition to these films, we recommend you check out the many documentaries available from Americans for Middle East Understanding and Palestine Online Store, and watch our videos online.


The Day Israel Attacked America - an Al Jazeera investigation into the shocking truth behind a deadly Israeli attack on a US naval vessel, the USS Liberty.

The Occupation of the American Mind - Israel's occupation of Palestinian territory and repeated invasions of Gaza have been criticized deeply all over the world -- except the US. The 2016 film looks at the origin this critical exception: pro-Israel PR and lobbying efforts, and the combined drive of the Israeli and US governments.

Five Broken Cameras - Nominated for an Oscar in 2013, this film tells the true story of a Palestinian farmer who documented the growth of the international resistance movement to the Israeli separation wall in the West Bank village of Bil’in.

One Day in Gaza - On May 14, 2019, PBS stations around the U.S. were scheduled to show a riveting new Frontline documentary, “One Day in Gaza,” but at the last minute PBS pulled it. The film depicts May 14 2018, the day Israeli forces killed 60 Palestinians and shot 1,000 – an average of one person every 30 seconds. It is unknown whether the doc will ever be aired on PBS, but it is available for viewing on Bitchute, and for downloading on Torrent and Magnet Link.

The Lobby: USA - 1 hour, abridged version of censored Al Jazeera documentary exposing the Israel lobby in the U.S. Al Jazeera never broadcast this doc due to pressure from certain Jewish groups and individuals. It was eventually leaked and became available. The full 3+ hour doc can be viewed here. (Al Jazeera produced a similar doc for the UK – watch parts 1, 2, 3, and 4.)

Occupation 101 - A thought-provoking and powerful documentary film on the current and historical root causes of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, presenting a comprehensive analysis of the controversy and dispelling myths. The film also details life under Israeli military rule, the role of the US in the conflict, and the major obstacles to peace.

Tears of Gaza - Disturbing, powerful and emotionally devastating, TEARS OF GAZA is less a conventional documentary than a record - presented with minimal gloss - of the 2008 to 2009 bombing of Gaza by the Israeli military. Photographed by several Palestinian cameramen both during and after the offensive, this powerful film focuses on the impact of the attacks on the civilian population. Over 1,400 Palestinians and 13 Israelis were killed in this one-sided war.

Budrus - Budrus is an award-winning documentary film about Palestinian community organizer, Ayed Morrar, who creates an unarmed movement to save his village of Budrus from destruction by Israel’s Separation Barrier. The inspiring movement in the Occupied Palestinian Territories is still gaining ground today. While this film is about one Palestinian village, it tells a much bigger story about injustice that Israel is perpetrating all over the Palestinian Territories.

The Wanted 18 ($3.99 on YouTube or iTunes) - Here's the plot in a nutshell: "A herd of cows threatens the Israeli state." Through a clever mix of stop motion animation and interviews, The Wanted 18 recreates an astonishing true story: the Israeli army's pursuit of 18 cows, whose milk production on a Palestinian farm was declared "a threat to the national security of the state of Israel." The dairy is forced to go underground, the cows continuing to produce their "Intifada milk" with the Israeli army in relentless pursuit. The story of the "wanted 18" is told from the perspectives of Palestinian activists, Israeli military, and the cows.

Looted and Hidden – Palestinian Archives in Israel Looted and Hidden investigates the cinematic and other archival treasures that Israel plundered from various Palestinian visual and research institutions in Beirut in the 1980s. The film follows four historical figures who are involved in the fate of these Palestinian archives. Based entirely on archival materials, extensive research, and interviews with the individuals it portrays, Looted and Hidden exposes, for the first time, Palestinian materials that were erased deliberately from the public sphere by Israel and were, for many years, presumed to have been “lost.”

Palestine is Still the Issue - After a three-month investigation, the British Independent Television Commission (ITC) praised the film's journalistic integrity, the "care and thoroughness with which [the film] was researched," and the "comprehensiveness and authority" of the film's sources.

People and the Land - "Perhaps the most important documentary ever made about Israel and Palestine." – We Hold These Truths
"...a powerful and compelling portrayal of the situation that highlights the human rights violations against the Palestinian community." – Global Exchange

Deir Yassin Remembered - Early in the morning of April 9, 1948, commandos of the Irgun (headed by Menachem Begin) and the Stern Gang attacked Deir Yassin, a village ... all with about 750 Palestinian residents. The village lay outside of the area to be assigned by the United Nations to the Jewish State; it had a peaceful reputation. But it was located on high ground in the corridor between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Deir Yassin was slated for occupation under Plan Dalet and the mainstream Jewish defense force, the Haganah, authorized the irregular terrorist forces of the Irgun and the Stern Gang to perform the takeover.
In all over 100 men, women, and children were systematically murdered. Fifty-three orphaned children were literally dumped along the wall of the Old City, where they were found by Miss Hind Husseini and brought behind the American Colony Hotel to her home, which was to become the Dar El-Tifl El-Arabi orphanage.

Jerusalem: An Occupation Set in Stone - "This forceful documentary explores the devastating effects of exclusive Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem from the Palestinian perspective...Jerusalem: An Occupation Set in Stone? introduces us to Jerusalemites we rarely hear from — Palestinians who have suffered from what they see as the repressive measures of Israeli occupation." – San Francisco Jewish Film Festival
"Changing demographics, border closures and competing claims to the city are examined in dramatic eyewitness testimony and startling footage skillfully shot and edited...this is an immediate and unforgettable document." – Toronto Jewish Film Festival

Dispatches: The Killing Zone - While the world's attention has been fixed on the war in Iraq, Dispatches reporter Sandra Jordan and producer Rodrigo Vasquez risk their lives to reveal the shocking level of daily violence and murderous hate in the Gaza Strip.
Palestinian civilians live under the threat of Israeli Defence Force attacks that do not discriminate between militants and children. Israeli setlers live in fear of suicide attacks.
But it is not only Palestinians and Israelis who are dying. Since the Gulf war, three Westerners have come under Israeli army attack...

The Loss of Liberty - During the 1967 War between Israel and the Arab States, the American intelligence ship USS Liberty was attacked for 75 minutes in international waters by Israeli aircraft and motor torpedo boats. Thirty-four men died and 172 were wounded. This film investigates this tragic event.

Peace, Propaganda, and the Holy Land - Peace, Propaganda & the Promised Land provides a striking comparison of U.S. and international media coverage of the crisis in the Middle East, zeroing in on how structural distortions in U.S. coverage have reinforced false perceptions of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The Israeli Wall in Palestinian Lands - Two American filmmakers set out to explore the impact of the Wall on Palestinian lives. They talk with seven Palestinians; a young mother from Dheisheh refugee camp, a businessman from Abu Dis, a music student from Ramallah, a school director from Jerusalem, a farmer from Jayyous, the director of the Stop the Wall campaign in Beit Hanina, and an African-Palestinian tour guide in Jerusalem. These diverse perspectives shed light on the true impact of the Wall. This authentic, powerful film is a must-see for anyone wishing to learn the truth about the Israeli Wall. It needs to be seen by all Americans.

Israel-Palestine Timeline

Israel-Palestine Timeline: The human cost of the conflict records photos and information for each person who has been killed in the ongoing violence.

History of the Israel Lobby

Alison Weir's book Against Our Better Judgement: How the U.S. was used to create Israel brings together meticulously sourced evidence to outline the largely unknown history of U.S.-Israel relations.

Buy it on Amazon, and visit the book website for reviews, more ordering options, and upcoming author events.

Information largely missing from U.S. news reports. Read the Blog

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