Recommended Books

Also, check out an older list: Important Books of 2004.

Newer Books

Against Our Better Judgment: The Hidden History of How the U.S. Was Used to Create Israel
by Alison Weir Buy it!

Fast Times in Palestine: A Love Affair with a Homeless Homeland
by Pamela Olson Buy it!

One Country: A Bold Proposal to End the Israeli-Palestinian Impasse
by Ali Abunimah Buy it!

Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel
Max Blumenthal Buy it!

Divert!: NUMEC, Zalman Shapiro and the diversion of US weapons grade uranium into the Israeli nuclear weapons program
by Grant Smith Buy it!

Behind the Wall: Life, Love, and Struggle in Palestine
by Rich Wiles Buy it!

The Transparent Cabal: The Neoconservative Agenda, War in the Middle East, and the National Interest of Israel
by Stephen J. Sniegoski Buy it!

Spy Trade: How Israel's Lobby Undermines America's Economy
by Grant Smith Buy it!


Sharing the Land of Canaan: Human Rights and the Israeli-Palestinian Struggle
by Mazin Qumsiyeh Buy it!

Fallen Pillars: US Policy towards Palestine and Israel since 1945
by Donald Neff Buy it!

Arabs and Israel for Beginners
by Ron David Buy it!

Deliberate Deceptions: Facing the Facts about the U.S.-Israeli Relationship
by Paul Findley Buy it!

They Dare to Speak Out
by Paul Findley Buy it!

Fifty Years of Israel
by Donald Neff Buy it!

Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel
by Israel Shahak and Norton Mezvinsky Buy it!

What Price Israel?
by Alfred Lilienthal Buy it!

Additional Reading

Assault on the Liberty
by James Ennes
(First-hand account of Israel’s attack on US Navy ship) Buy it!

The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine
by Ilan Pappe Buy it!

Shackled Dreams: A Palestinian’s Struggle for Truth, Justice, and the American Way
by C. Peter Erlinder Buy it!

The Truth About Camp David: The Untold Story About the Collapse of the Middle East Peace Process
by Clayton E. Swisher Buy it!

The New Intifada
edited by Roane Carey Buy it!

Seeing the Light: Personal Encounters with the Middle East and Islam
edited by Richard Curtiss and Janet McMahon Buy it!

Zealots for Zion: Inside Israel's West Bank Settlement Movement
by Robert Friedman Buy it!

Open Secrets: Israeli Nuclear and Foreign Policies
by Israel Shahak Buy it!

Longer, Scholarly Works

Perceptions of Palestine
by Kathleen Christison Buy it!

Palestine and the Arab-Israeli Conflict
by Charles D. Smith Buy it!

Bitter Harvest
by Sami Hadawi Buy it!

Fateful Triangle
by Noam Chomsky Buy it!

The Question of Palestine
by Edward Said Buy it!

Books featuring Alison Weir's writing

The New Intifada: Resisting Israel's Apartheid
edited by Roane Carey Buy it!

Censored 2005: The Top 25 Censored Stories
by Project Censored Buy it!

Encyclopedia of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
by Cheryl A. Rubenberg Buy it!

Israel-Palestine Timeline

Israel-Palestine Timeline: The human cost of the conflict records photos and information for each person who has been killed in the ongoing violence.

History of the Israel Lobby

Alison Weir's book Against Our Better Judgement: How the U.S. was used to create Israel brings together meticulously sourced evidence to outline the largely unknown history of U.S.-Israel relations.

Buy it on Amazon, and visit the book website for reviews, more ordering options, and upcoming author events.

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